Wild Camel


Environmental Education Booklets

                                                                                 (Construction of an educational building at Zakhyn Us in 2011. Copyright Anna Jemmett)

As part of its programme to protect the wild camel and its fragile habitat, WCPF has developed an environmental education programme. This programme involves the preparation of environmental booklets for school children in China, Mongolia and world-wide. They have also been used in public awareness campaigns in the communities local to the Lop Nur Wild Camel National Nature Reserve.

The booklets are part of a series of multi-language environmental education books. The series has the full support of both the Chinese and Mongolian authorities.

They have been prepared, printed and distributed in the Chinese provinces of Xinjiang and Gansu in Chinese, Kazakh, and Uighur, and in Mongolia, in Mongolian. These environmental education books are both for school children and adults and cover the endangered species living within the fragile desert ecosystem of the Gobi desert. They also cover the threat of desertification both on the ecosystem and the many rare species of flora and fauna.

The Wild Camel Protection Foundation has published six books:

  1. The King of the Gobi (about the wild camel)
  2. The Fight Against Desertification
  3. Rare Plants of the Gobi Desert and their Medicinal Uses
  4. Why the Wild Camel is Critically Endangered
  5. The Wild Camel Breeding Centre in Mongolia
  6. How the Camel got it’s Hump

These books have been printed in English, Chinese, Kazakh and Uighur and are available to order from this website SHOP.

Funds are required to print more copies of these important books.