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Wild Camel and Calf in the Desert of Lop

This sequence shows a critically endangered wild camel which has just given birth to a calf. The calf is under 24 hours old and it is the only sequence ever photographed of such a young baby camel and its mother in the wild.

Wild Camel Release

Wild Camel Release – a film of the second release of wild camels wearing satellite collars from WCPF’s Wild Camel Breeding Centre in Mongolia

Camels Run Away

Camels Run Away – dramatic film taken when our domestic camels left us stranded in the Gobi Desert in China when they ran off in a sand storm

WCPF’s Wild Camel Breeding Centre in Mongolia

WCPF’s Wild Camel Breeding Centre in Mongolia – a film made by Al Jazeera of WCPF’s wild camel breeding centre in Mongolia and camel racing to celebrate WCPF’s 20th anniversary.

SOAS Camel Conference – 28 April 2017 – John Hare

Wild Camels in China

Wild Camels in China – a film of a large herd of camels on the move in the Lop Nur Wild Camel National Nature Reserve in China and a single wild camel on the run.

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