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Agreement with German Camel Organisation

On the 19th January 2017, WCPF signed an Agreement with Altweltkamele e.V (AWK) – a German, non-profit organisation founded in 2009. Their members are camel-keepers, zoo-keepers, veterinarians and camel-holding companies in Germany and Europe. The goal of the organisation is the protection of Bactrian and Dromedary camels to which they have now added the Wild Camel as a result of this Agreement.

The Agreement provides for the translation of key information from the WCPF website into German and the provision of sign boards in German publicising the Wild Camel and placed at over 90 sites all over Germany. AWK will also translate specific existing WCPF publications from English into German at AWK’s expense and both parties will seek funding for their publication. The WCPF newsletter will be translated into German and distributed to the large AWK mailing list of camel lovers and professionals throughout Germany.

This is a highly significant Agreement for WCPF which will spread their message to save the critically endangered Wild Camel from extinction, throughout the German-speaking world.

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