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The Wild Camel Protection Foundation ( WCPF), a United Kingdom registered charity, with Dr. Jane Goodall DBE as its Honorary Life Patron, was established in 1997. It is also registered in the USA as a non-profit organisation.

The sole aim of the Wild Camel Protection Foundation is to protect the critically endangered wild camel (Camelus ferus) and its habitat in the fragile and unique desert ecosystems in the Gobi desert in north-west China and south-west Mongolia. It is the only charitable environmental Foundation in the world which has this exclusive objective.

The WCPF has raised funds from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Global Environment Facility (GEF), and from international organisations, private foundations, individuals, companies and dedicated WCPF members. The WCPF is continuously fund-raising and organising activities to raise much needed funds to continue its vital work.

Patrons and Trustees

Hon. Life Patron: Dr Jane Goodall DBE
Jane Goodalls pioneering study of wild chimpanzees revolutionised how we think about both chimpanzees and ourselves. Read More…

Patrons: The Marchioness of Bute, The Countess of Chichester, Lady Grant, Professor Yuan Guoying, Peter Hall, Jane McMorland Hunter of Hafton, Gerald Kidd, Damon de Laszlo, Lulu Lytle, Colin McIntosh, Professor David Munro, Amanda Perrett, Romy Shovelton, Yuan Lei.

Trustees: John Hare OBE, Kate Rae

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Jane Goodall-Introduction



The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation
Foundation Prince Albert II de Monaco
Grocers’ Livery Company
Hoare’s Bank Golden Bottle Fund
Hunter Hall International Limited
Kadoorie Charitable Foundation
McIntosh Foundation
The Pentland Stalls Charitable Trust
Rowan Bentall Charitable Trust
Jones and Vandermeer
Rubin Museum, New York
Camelomanes Association of France
The Schad Foundation
HDH Wills 1965 Trust
A.S.Butler Charitable Trust
Walkers 597 Animal Trust
R.G.Hills Charitable Trust
AXA Investment Managers GS Ltd
The Gerald Ronson Foundation
The Royal Geographical Society
The Royal Scottish Geographical Society
The Convention for Migratory Species
Joseph’s Amazing Camels
Explorers Club of America
International Trust for the Conservation of Nature
Mohammed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
National Geographic Society
Panoramic Journeys
Hole Park Estate, Rolvenden
Transglobe Exploration Trust
The Taurus Foundation
My Claim Solved

Wildlife Conservation Network
United National Environment Programme
Global Environmental Facilty
The Royal Society of Asian Affairs


Anglo American Oil
Shell, China
Exxon Oil
British/China Association
Chinese Academy of Sciences


His Excellency Tulga Narkhuu, the Mongolian Ambassador to the United Kingdom.
GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH)
Mongolian Academy of Sciences
Mongolian Ministry of Nature and Environment
Institute of Biology, Ulaan Baator


Cotswold Wildlife Park
Alaska Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo
Walter Zoo
Bronx Zoo
Zoological Society of London
Vienna Veterinary University
American Assoc. of Zookeepers (Potawatomi)
Detroit Zoo
Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Knowsley Wildlife Park
Dudley Zoological Gardens
Milwaukee County Zoo
Franklin Park Zoo, Boston

Fundraising Events

WCPF Camel Race Day
WCPF Essay Competition
WCPF Kenya Camel Race Day – Ol Maisor
Christies Auction House - talk
Soane, Pimlico Road, London, Christmas Appeal
The Wild – talk. The Royal Institution of Great Britain
“Golden Journey,” The Royal Opera House - play
Bradford Lawless Memorial - book
British Museum - talk


Amanda and John Perrett
Steven and Florence Goldby
William Millan
David Wikström
Dr Michael Davies
Countess of Chichester
Susan Coombs
Horst Dintelmann
Graham McKean
Thomas Langley
Fiona Sunley
Paul Smallwood
Elaine Dobbin
Tracey Miller
Damon de Laszlo
Romy Shovelton
Nance Fite
Lulu Lytle
Gerald Kidd
Dr. Birgit Dörges
Ulrich Bösing

Ann Searight
The Marchioness of Bute
Professor David Munro
Reggie Heywood
Lady Judith Grant
Derek Mountain
Penny Mountain
Pamela Dunn
Jane McMorland Hunter
Matthew Parris
Joan Digby
Sally Ireland
Ian and Lynne Anderson
David Richardson
Caroline Richardson
David and Penelope Harrison
Terry Ryde
June Crown
Nancy Fite
Lady Lester
Sarah Farrand
Christopher Holdsworth-Hunt
Roy Huffington
Adam Williams
Marla and Phylis Stevens
Sir Peter Cazalet
Judith Pellnat
Richard and Barbara Rinella
Michael Hedgeloe
Dr. Pamela Burger
Dr. Siebermeyer
Trevor Tidy
Andrea Lehrer
Susan Partridge
Dani Walthall

Estate of J.M.Eyles
Estate of Denis Edgar Lomax
Estate of Olive Snell

Lop Nur - China

Through our successful fundraising efforts, A 155,000 square kilometre Lop Nur Wild Camel National Nature Reserve was granted National Reserve status in 2003.



The Wild Camel Protection Foundation UK owns, manages and funds 100% the Hunter Hall Wild Camel Breeding Centre situated at Zakhyn Us


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